Missing & Deceased Classmates

We’ve looked long and hard and beat lots of bushes to try to find everyone on this list but have hit a dead end. If you can help, please contact Marty Guenther (marthaguenther52@gmail.com)

Deborah Beyer, Candace Brown; Katie Culhane; Mary Dillman Henning; Kathryn Flanagan; Mary Ann Gilroy Helmes; Roberta Grassi; Patricia Harvey; Kathleen Hines; Terri Iannini; Sue Inteman; Peggy Kelly; Therese Lafler; Ann Lambert Dollinson; Mary Maguire; Arlene Mancini; Michelle Madina; Mary Ruth McCarthy DeMille; Mary Ellen McCarthy Shaw; Eileen Moloney Penisse; Judith Moonen; Karen Mugford; Linda Naughton; Mary Jo Quigley; Patricia Radel; Sheila Schomburg; Elise Somerset; Carol Tamburino DeCarlo; Jean Thomman Vaughn; Mary Elizabeth Townsend Golik; Mary Ann Weber; Carol Woodard Shaffer

Also, so that there are no surprises at our Birthday Bash, we are including a list of those classmates who have passed away.  We will have a memorial for them at the brunch on Sept. 24th.

Patty Barg; Susie Decker; Eileen (Casey) Dunn Morley; Margaret Farren; Patty Guagliardo; Rita Heberle Racette; Ann Hedges; Kim Kraemer Nichols; Pat Martin Elliot; Nancy McGarvey; Jane McMahon Evan; Kathleen Mercado Richards; Nancy Mueller Verstraete, Deborah Nuccitelli Connolly-Harriss; Margaret O’Connor; Marianne Oakes Caldwell; Mary Agnes Putnam Pedersen; Lynn Ricker Myers; Rosemare Rivoli Cornell; Catherine Stearns Maheu; Kathleen VanMeenen; Christine Versprille Drexel

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