I’ve always considered myself more left-brained than right brained.  I can’t even draw a symmetrical stick person.  Imagine my shock when I realized that the photos I had given as gifts to my family & friends were appreciated and enjoyed as art.  It was the prodding of these same family and friends that gave me the courage to put my work on display so that others might enjoy it as well. I finally took the plunge and began my business, Decoratography, the intersection of decorating and photography.  

One might describe my style of photography as nice photos of normal things, like nature, architecture, and travel. I’m not formally trained, but I enjoyed photography classes for several years when I was still shooting film. After many classes and field trips, I learned to actually see things around me, whether far away or right under my nose. I learned to critique my work more thoroughly, and to look for the unexpected. Most of all I learned the patience to wait for a shot, a skill I need more time to master. 

I migrated to digital in 2004 with Canon’s first digital SLR.  My left brain loves the computer’s ability to crop, arrange and straighten.  I enjoy grouping photos, making collages, and matting and framing to enhance clients’ home décor.  I hope the future allows me to continue to explore the world with a purpose, camera in hand, to capture the beauty in the people and places I’m lucky enough to experience. I get great joy from the little moments of creativity in my life.  I guess my right brain is alive and well after all.

Photography is such a wonderful way to enhance the decor of your home and bring to mind the beauty of far off locations or the wonder of your own special locale.   Put some color into your home with many of the photos in my gallery.  There are photos of food for your kitchen, and of serene places for your bedroom.  There is something to match just about any color scheme you or your decorator have.  If you need help deciding, please contact me and I will gladly be of assistance to you!

Marty Guenther retired after 25 years as the undergraduate liaison for the Department of Computer Science at the University of Rochester.  From 1985-1992, she & her husband Mike owned and operated a full service hardware store.  She is married with two grown daughters and three out-of-town grandchildren. Her work is now available at the WeShop in Lima, NY. (weshoplima.com).