My first camera was a Kodak film camera that I took to college. Much later, the birthday gift of a great camera was all the motivation I needed to expand my horizons beyond family snapshots.  I read all the books I could find and took rolls of slide and print film.  I wanted more out of my photos.  After many classes and field trips with helpful critiques, I learned to actually see things around me, whether far away or right under my nose. I learned to examine my work more thoroughly, and to look for the unexpected. Most of all I learned the patience to wait for a shot, though it is a skill I need more time to master. With time to wander and travel, I hope to keep adding to the collection you find here.

People ask me “What is your style?”  If I had to pin it down, I would say I’m drawn to ‘nice pictures of normal things.”  I like to know what I’m looking at, so you’ll find very few abstract photos among my galleries.  Vibrant colors seem to attract my attention.  People often comment they love the colors in my photos.  With composition and light, normal things can be stunning!

Photography is such a wonderful way to enhance the decor of your home and bring to mind the beauty of far off locations or the wonder of your own special locale.   Put some color into your home with many of the photos in my gallery.  There are photos of food for your kitchen, and of serene places for your bedroom.  There is something to match just about any color scheme you or your decorator have.  If you need help deciding, please contact me and I will gladly be of assistance to you!