A Taste of Europe

My bucket list is full of places I still hope to explore and of course photograph, but I’ve checked a few off the list already, including France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Scotland and Ireland.  Only time, money and good health will  keep me from traveling more. 



Bruges, Belgium and Amsterdam, the Netherlands - bridges and canals, bike lanes, night life, boats on canals, waffles, romance in the air, chocolate, art galleries, french fries with mayonnaise. I've never seen so many bikes in my life - especially at the train station. Whatever you do, don't walk in the bike lane! In the Rhine regions of Germany you find timbered buildings, stork nests, biergartens and pretzels, castles and caravan (RV) parks, tourist towns with Christmas shops, trams and sightseers.

The City of Light, local market squares, ancient perched villages of Provence, storks on rooftops in Alsace, canals lined with timbered buildings and lots of flowers. C'est tres jolie!

The Republic of Ireland - busy town centers, ancient history, rolling hillsides and panoramic views. Don't mention the leprechauns though, and don't say "Top of the Morning"!

Heather in bloom, sheep grazing, misty rain and wind, craggy mountains and glens, narrow roads and sights to behold everywhere!